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HHO Wholesale Parts and Supplies

Magnets, and HHO plates
Production Progress - Model 304 L
Magnets, and HHO plates
Hurricane HHO Wholesale!

Both of these two sections of rail road track are completely suspended in mid air, using only the magnet........
However when the magnet is placed even within 1/4" of the 304 grade electrodes, there is absolutely no reaction.
Even touching the magnet to the electrode, there is no attraction!
The plates have no iron in them, so magnets are not attracted to the metal plates.



There is 1/4 inch between the magnet, and the 304 grade plates, with no reaction by either item towards the other.  In fact I can touch the magnet with the plates, and it will not in the slightest bit attract!


In this photo, I was lucky enough to catch the immage as the three pound rail section jumped to the magnet.
In the photo below, the larger rail section, is one inch thick, and cut from a 6 inch high rail. (section  weighs an approxomate 5.6 pounds)
The magnet has the rail section suspended an approximate foot above the other items.


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But are we ready to use it?