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HHO Wholesale Parts and Supplies

Production Progress - Model 304 L
Magnets, and HHO plates
Hurricane HHO Wholesale!

The time for Hydrogen, as America's most basic fuel source, is now!
Stand, and be counted!
And do something, to change the situation!
While I do offer products, to help people, to manufacture their own "Hydrogen On Demand" fuel generators...
My primary focus, is not to sell my products, nearly as much, as I want to make people aware that we need to change our consious awareness, of the dilema, we now face!
And we need to do it soon!     Scratch "soon"........
We need to do it now!
Sure! A profit, is ideal, but basic survival, is of the uptmost importance. 
Preserving the earth we need, is far more important, than any potential profit, could ever be!
We absolutely, can not afford to sit by, while global warming destroys our world. And, while the idle rich, further line their pockets, forcing gasoline, and other oil products, on us.
We need to be reminded, that this is America! 
A country founded in revolution, for the benifit of free enterprise, elimination of unfounded taxation, and the exploitation of special interest!
Further this dilema, effects people of all countries, and political backgrounds!
But as Americans, we are known worldwide, to be free, to speak our minds, and to act accordingly!
We have the right, and even the duty, to change laws, that are not in our best interest.
The will of the people, can not be curtailed, no matter who, would have us to think otherwise!
Our nation is specificly set up, to allow the changing of unpopular laws, provided a majority carries the same opinion!  Being one of the very few countries to have this ability, the eyes of the world, will watch us!
The year has changed, but the principal has not!
As a nation, we spit in King George's eye, and dumped his tea, in the Boston harbor.
Rockefeller, Exxon/Mobile, and the entire Mid-East Region, should fare no better, when the American people, put their minds to solving a problem!
Hydrogen is the world's most abundant fuel. The eyes of the world are on us, and we need to act, as if we know it.
And, we need to act now!
The infrastructure is not here yet, to go pure hydogen, but the technology currently exist, to supliment our gasiline, and diesel engines! 
Cleaning carbon based deposits, out of our air, should be our #1 priority.
Hydrogen, and Oxygen both, burn 100% clean, leaving nothing as emmisions, except pure water!
In fact, the water produced as exhaust, from burning pure hydrogen, is 100% safe, to drink.  You can even breath the exhaust, from burning Oxygen, and/or Hydrogen.
Breathing the current carbon emmisions of a gasoline or diesel engine, can, and will, kill you!
Hydrogen, is the fuel that absolutely delivers the most power. It can be delivered to you, as a suplimental fuel, on demand, whenever you want it, at almost no cost, to you!
The two most common elements in our universe, are Hydrogen, and Oxygen.  They make an inexhaustable supply of fuel!
Together, they make water.  Separated, they make the most abundant, and powerful fuel source, known to mankind! And, it can be made, for pennies, on the dollar!
Yet, in an uncompressed, or unconfined space, each is totally harmless!
Compressed Hydrogen explodes with many times the force of gasoline, and can deliver the same power as a gas, or diesel powered vehicle.  But even better, the emmissions are not harmfull to our environment.
The average automobile piston, fired on gasoline vapors, will explode, with over 4,500 pounds, of raw power!
Arguments exist over the true force of a hydrogen explosion, but calculated at the low end of the claim.........
That same piston, fired with an equal amount of Hydrogen vapor, will exert 13,500 pounds of explosive power!
Some experts even claim the explosive power of hydrogen to be as much as 10 times, greater than gasoline (that would be 45,000 pounds of force)
We are not at all, suggesting that we need ten times the power, but we are suggesting, that with that available power, at hand, we can cut the fuel input, to the engine, to as little as 10% of the former fuel intake. Still running the car, at the same basic power, but with a tiny fraction, of the liquid (gasoline) fuel.
However, to do this, we need to fool the car's onboard computer, so it doesn't throw more fuel into the engine, trying to compensate for low carbon emmissions, in the exhaust.
Oxygen explodes with approximately 6 times the force of gasoline. And, cracking water into it's two seperate elements, can deliver oxygen, and hydrogen, to your automobile's engine, for almost no cost, to you, as compared to gasoline.
It is a proven fact, that Hydrogen, and Oxygen can be delivered "on demand", using the simplest of devices, at a very affordable price to you!
The combined explosive force of these two elements (two parts Hydrogen, one part Oxygen) is 8.666 times greater than an equal gaseous volume, of gasoline.   And, it can be had, almost, for FREE!


NASA has well understoof the power of Hydrogen, and has used it, as it's only fuel source, for space exploration, since the late 1940's.
Why then, should we the people, be denied the oppertunity to also burn clean, efficient fuel?
Do you realize the only waste product, generated from the burning of Hydrogen, is 100% clean water?
Are we to live with a "Do as I say, not as I do" policy, from our government?
Remember that the document says "We, the people, in order to form a more perfect union"............
This country is ours, and we have the right, and duty, to control it, now, and forever!
How can I make Hydrogen on demand, for my personal use?
The intentional introduction of electrolysis, to common water, changes the electrical structure of the hydrogen, and oxygen elements, from opposites (attracting each other), to like charged atoms, repelling from each other.  The Hydrogen atom takes on the protons of the catalyst, restructuring it's electrical composition.
Although the elements are still there, in the same quantities, all the Hydrogen atoms gather together, and likewise, the oxygen atoms are also segregated, and no longer mixed.     Thus, the elements are now known as HHO, instead of H2O.
Both fuels, can co-exist, and even share an environment, but they do not cling one, to another. Both are now, dry vapors, each highly flamable, but not able to explode, unless confined, or compressed!  Note that to prevent any accidental flash, the vapors are separated, from any flame, by use of a water bubbler, which creates a vapor lock.   Also known as: a flashback arrestor.
Creating the HHO vapors, is done through a relatively simple device, structured in a very similar manor, to a car battery!  In fact it works, in an almost identical manor to the battery, except that it is not used to create electricity. Instead, it introduces electricity, to water, intentionally treated, with catalyst, so that protons from the catalist adhere to the hydrogen atoms, reconfiguring the electrical composition, of the hydrogen atom.
It does not effect the positively charged Oxygen atom, but changes the structure of the formerly negative hydrogen atom to a positive charge!
Now, both elements are crammed into a water filled chamber, and scurrying to get as far away from each other, as possible!
Further, because there are two pole connections (one positive, one negative), the two elements (both now consisting of a positive charge), can not both be attracted to a polarized plate, so the hydrogens electrons (2:1 ratio) are pulled to neutral, or negatively charged plates, while the outnumbered protrons of the oxygen atom are repelled from the like charged positive plates of the cell.
Because the oxygen bulbbles are so much larger (but carry half the electrical charge), they rush to the water's surface, loosening hydrogen atoms in the turmoil.
The atoms of like electrical forces, are repelled from each other, creating two separate "dry vapors", which can be vented through tubes, similar to a manifold, and eventually burned as the fuel enters an engines combustion chamber. Or a similar device, where the fuels explosive force, is harnessed, to produce workable energy, or intentional heat exchange, of some type.
Can HHO be used to heat a home?
Yes!  HHO can be used for virtually any application gasoline, fuel oil,  diesel fuel, or practically any other fuel serves, and provide that service, many times more effiently, for a very small fraction of the cost!
I heard that it cost a lot on money to create HHO. Is that true?
In the case of creating fuel to heat a home, creating HHO can be an expensive process, as electric is consumed, to create the electrolysis process........
Electric is not cheap, so using it, to produce HHO, can be costly!
However, in the case of running an automobile, the engine produces the required electric, using the cars alternator, (or generator, in the case of cars built before 1954).
The alternator is running anyhow, thus the cost to produce the current to create HHO,  in the car, cost virtually nothing!
But still, creating HHO from househild electric, can still be done, for approximately half of the cost of fuel oil (by todays oil prices).  
And, who knows what tomorrow's oil prices, will be?
There is a cost, to develop the system, but by comparison, it is very ecconomical.........
It takes approximately $75.00 - $100.00 to build a single hydrogen generator, which needs to also be supported, by a MAP Sensor Enhancer, to fool the vehicle's onboard computer, and you also need the add a spacer, between the O2 sensor, and the exhaust manifold.
MAP Sensor Enhansers can cost $45.00 to $65.00, on average, and the O2 extenders are about $10.00 or less (some cars require 2 ea.)
A single Hydrogen generator, might need to be expanded on (2, or 3 generators), to produce enough HHO to make a dramatic difference, in your fuel eccomemy!
Very small engines, will see MPG increases, with just one device, but larger engines will require several, hooked together, in series.
Done properly, reports of MPG increases of up to 130% are common, but we can not predict your fuel efficiency increase, due to too many varying factors!
In truth, more often the actual increases of MPG are in the 35 to 50 % range, but the actual amount of HHO produced, could easilly double those numbers, or even more.
We have, what you need, to do this, at a relatively affordable price!
The following 17 plate (16 cell ) electrodes will be available in wholesale lots of 100 units each, for $32.00 per unit, plus shipping cost.





Note we are changing the bolt pattern, from using two nylon bolts, to a four bolt system, to better control plate gap uniformity.

Stainless steel straps that secure unit to casement top, are not shown.
We also have O2 extenders for as little as $2.50  ea. plus shipping cost


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Hydrogen is ready for fuel consumption, at little, to almost no cost!
But are we ready to use it?